Monday, December 13, 2010

It's been about three weeks in Brazilianland

Last night Alessandre placed a live hummingbird in my hand while we were in his restaurant. I couldn't believe that this small creature was sitting in my hand looking up at me without the least sign of fear or anxiety. He/She was so small, so perfect, and beautiful that the experience seemed quite surreal. Upon placing him on the table to try and feed him water, he flew away. I was elated to see that he could fly. When he was handed to me I was told he hadn't been flying. Now that he could fly I relaxed knowing he could take care of himself. What an incredible sensation to hold hummingbird, someone that normally flies so fast that one would not be able to imagine holding her/him. Beyond my imagination!! Another miracle.
I am still awaiting my interview for next week. I would appreciate prayer and positive thoughts for a successful interview and outcome. I would like to stay here and work, spending my vacation time in the USA (mostly Florida), rather than the reverse. The support I have received from everyone here is incredible. I know many of my friends and Brazilian family for 40 yrs. No matter what the outcome, I know I actually realized a dream of mine as best i could. It took a lot of courage to make this leap of faith. Before I left Florida, the fear was a constant shadow awaiting to envelop my dream and my courage. Fear is definitely a force to be reconned with. Perhaps it didn't appear that i wrestled with this fear on a daily basis. Everyday I was doing therapy in my mind, practicing what i had preached to so many. Living the dream, regardless of the false appearances. Fear= False Evidence Appearing Real....or False Emotions Appearing Real. I just got to a point where it didn't feel right to allow this fear to dominate my life anymore. Yet it crept in everyday, telling me every scary myth I could possible never want to "This is the biggest mistake of your life" or "What are you doing now? Avoiding ..blank, blank, blank.." "You are going to regret this!!" I don't feel or think that anymore. As soon as i arrived here, none of those fears were present. That's the thing about fear that i always forget when i'm seduced by it. The fears go away the instance you are doing what you feared. It's the minds' personal boogyman. Now i have new fears but they seems small in comparison, more manageable..more like concerns...such as those related to the interview.
It took my sister and I 3 days to translate the resume and use a strickly adhered to format that is used in the Universities and colleges. It was extrememly challenging. The format was much more difficult than the translation. Well, that's done and now it's all about possibility and future opportunities .
I started rehearsing with Ricardo last week. He is one of the finest guitarist I have every seen. I plan on video taping Ricardo, his brother Salem, and his sister Suzanna playing on one guitar. You read me correctly. Three people playing on one guitar at the same time, without mistakes, without rehearsal. It's magic and the world needs to see this. I will let you all know when it goes on You tube. Ricardo, Suzanna and I will be performing at that Nectar Bar in Mar de Hespana and in Juiz de Fora. You are all invited and I can't imagine what would stop you from coming!hahahah Here they use heheheh and kkkkkk instead of hahahah.
I know i need to put up pics. Perhaps i'll get to that this week. I miss my friends in the US. Ever since i lived here in Brazil, i've never felt complete in either country. I am a little of both cultures and it was just time to live this one for awhile.....maybe for the rest of my life.?!?! Only time will tell. Americans have a different mentality. I miss the American connection sometimes. What I love about this culture is the ease and frequency with which the people demonstrate their affection. I feel so loved by the show of physical and verbal affection that is showered upon my soul everyday. I like myself better as a person here. It is such a win-win approach to relating. I don't see the competitiveness among people like i see in the US. In a country (USA) that has so much abundance, i see a society that focuses on lack. Lack of time, lack of enough, lack of money..fill in the blank (whatever). It makes it too easy for me to abandon my place of gratitude where my joy and peace reside. It seems so much easier for me to live in gratitude and abundance here. More to say on this in another blog.
After the interview i plan to go to Paraty with Rose to enjoy some gorgious beaches with fine white sand and crystal clear bluish green water. After having lived in Florida near the Gulf, I miss the easy access to walk on the beach whenever i wanted. Florida is without a doubt my preferred USA residence. Yeah Pinellas County!!!

Of course I do love it here. I go walking with friends almost everyday here in the mountains of Minas Gerais. The natural beauty of the bright green mountains and the redish-pinkish, almost a deep salmon colored soil is delious visually. The animals graze freely and naturally. They are genuinely "Happy Cows"!! In California they had a "Happy Cow" commercial to sell milk or cheese. Trust me when i say that many of those cows are not happy the way they are treated. That's a sad story that i'll save for a different podium.
You would all love to come and visit here. My backyard has a beautiful pool and there are gatherings at people's homes almost every night. I can't keep up with all the food and cerveja (beer), though it is hard to resist. The food is mouth watering. I've already gained weight. That has to stop!! Soon.....Today i plan to begin my diet, which is really nothing more than a reduction and a deletion of foods that are too good to eat!!

It's hot, hot, hot here. Just the way i like it!!
All for today. Gotta go. Hugs and kisses to you!!